What to do for Six Pack abs and what not.


Six pack abs makes the looks of man attractive. But what to do or not when we make. It is also necessary to know. 1. Six pack abs six pack abs makes the look of man attractive. There is no proper time of making the six pack abs. It is depend on the Texture and Power of body. But usually by follow some diet chart, going to Gym and by doing some selected exercise you can make your six pack. 2.Do Crunch Exercise:- For doing crunch exercise lay down on…

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Know how lady finger mask removes tanning in a pich?

Everybody wants that his skin becomes beautiful and shining and his hair should be strong. But this is not possible easily for this we are telling you about the mask and the moisturizer made from the lady finger. 1. LADY FINGER IS NUTRITIOUS ¬†After remaining in the sun for lot of time our skin become damage, which effects our beauty. Due to the reason of sun our skin becomes black, pimple, dry skin, skin related attack and the problems related to the age will occur. To get rid from this…

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Be careful from such type of makeup.


To look beautiful the makeup of eye is essential for every girl. 1. MAKEUP OF EYE To eyes makeup is essential for every girl to make your eyes beautiful. In every type of makeup the eyes makeup plays important role how much types of eyes are. Then several types of eyes makeup are also available , Everyone has mouring to show his eyes perfect. Today we are telling you some tips which we have to be remember when using the makeup of eyes. 2. CHEAP MAKEUP PRODUCT¬† Some women purchase…

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