5 Makeup must haves in your purse


Some beauty products are as essential for a woman to leave with as her pants. The little pouch laced with those fresh-faced-look tools needs to only carry some essentials which are the five make-up must haves in your purse. Make-up essentials can be different for everyone depending on their needs, and situation. Like an office going girl could carry different make-up articles in her purse than her teenage niece. But there are some basics that no one wants to do without- some old standbys you can justifiably spend cash on.…

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Things that make girlfriends better than boyfriends

girlfriend vs boyfriend

Why only guys are called cool? Why in a relationship, a guy is considered the all-rounder? Yes, indeed guy is the one making up for every fight, guys hold the doors and guys know how to pamper their girls better but then there are things where girls win, and girls are the ones finishing in front. Here is a list of things that prove that are girls are better than guys. Shopping Girls have mastered the art of flawless shopping. It is well-known fact that girls are better shoppers, whereas boys…

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How Meditation Works

How Quick Meditation Works

How  Meditation Works A study by Dr. James E. Stahl and a team of Harvard researchers found that 10 to 15 minutes a day can be enough to achieve the hallmarks of meditation — thoughtless awareness, transformation of the mind and a state of deep peace when the mind is calm and silent – as long as a person is consistent. Meditation may once have been a lofty and unattainable concept, but no longer: the benefits of mindful meditation are well within the grasp of even the biggest workaholics. Quick…

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