Elon Musk Successfully Launches Worlds Heaviest Rocket Carrying Into Space His Red Tesla Car

Elon Musk has done it again. The US Billionaire is ecstatic over the successful launch of his latest rocket, The Falcon heavy from Kennedy Space centre in Florida. Falcon Heavy, is the most powerful rocket since the space shuttle system and was expected to achieve a 50-50 success rate but the rocket instead launched clear off the pad without any glitches soaring into the atmosphere high over the Atlantic Ocean.  1. Falcon heavy, the world’s heaviest rocket sent into space carrying an amusing payload Musk was reported to have had…

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Daughter Finds That Mom Is Having An Affair, Then Her Dad Calls.


#4 Phone Call  “Hello. Hi Honey. This is daddy. Is Mommy near the phone?” “No daddy. She is upstairs in the bedroom with Uncle Paul.” After a short pause, daddy says: “but honey, you don’t have an uncle Paul.” #3 Uncle Paul?  “Oh yes, mommy says I do and he is upstairs with mommy in the bedroom right now.”  After a short time, daddy says: “Okay, then this is what I want you to do. Put the phone down on the table, run upstairs and know on the bedroom door…

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A Date With Another Woman

A Date With Another Woman It was after 21 years of our marriage that my wife asked me to go out on a date with another woman. She loves me, she had said, but only that this another woman loves me beyond everything! And after a phenomenal date that I had with her, I could not have agreed more with my wife! A Date With My Mother This other woman that my wife asked me to go on a date with was no one but my mother. My work life…

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Employee Forgets To Return Back Matchbox, His Senior Files A Complaint

UP’s SP Rahul Srivastav

A very funny and interesting incident took place in Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh. An assistant engineer who works at an Electricity Department lodged a complaint against his junior engineer as he did not return a matchbox. The assistant engineer has also signed and put a stamp on the complaint letter. The letter is going viral on the social media and people are also making fun of it. UP’s SP Rahul Srivastav also tweeted the complaint letter and took a jibe on this funny incident. He also wrote that he will take…

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Strange! Two Guys From India And America Met On FB And Created An Earth Sandwich

Earth Sandwich

We have often seen people doing strangest things that become an instant hit and also go viral within seconds. Here are two guys one from India and other from America who met and created an Earth Sandwich! Yes, you heard it right! Well, before we begin, I bet you must be wondering what is Earth Sandwich, isn’t it? Read on to know… In 2006, a blogger named Ze Frank proposed a challenge: Make an earth sandwich. Slap a piece of bread on one piece of land while at the exact…

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Priya Prakash’s Famous Song To Get Banned? Guys Will Be Heartbroken To Read This New Update

The beautiful Malayalam actress Priya Prakash Varrier has stolen many hearts ever since her wink and killer expressions from the song “Manikya Malaraya Poovi” went viral on social media. She became an Internet sensation overnight and the number of her fans increased by leaps and bounds in record time. However, this popularity brought troubles and criticism on the part of actress and makers of the song, which is in the centre of controversy now. Recently, a complaint was filed by a group of Muslim youth with Hyderabad’s Falaknuma police station against the…

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When I consider what type of advice is the best to give, I have to say marriage advice. Why? Because your spouse is who you spend your entire life with. They are the ones who endure every hardship, failure and struggle with you. They are by your side for success, growth and blessings. You lean on each other, rely on each other and make a life together. A marriage is a partnership and if you nurture it, it can be the most powerful thing in your life. It can give…

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Everyday habits that we do actually says a lot more about an individual then we think ! Talking about habits today we will reveal what type of personality do you possess on the basis the way you carry your bag!  We suggests taking a simple test that will probably surprise you. Just pick the figure that carries a bag the way you do, and then read the result below.   1. BEHIND YOUR BACK If you prefer a backpack, you’re probably always ready for adventure and prepared to go at any moment. You’re also very considerate of things and other…

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I got fired from my job Because i have taken 3 days unplanned leave due to my mother’s death

fired from job

Dec 2010: I got selected as software engineer in a MNC. March 2011:Suddenly one day my mother passed away. My boss fired me, stating that I don’ t possess professional skills..I am a looser. And I am not going to be anywhere in life with this kind of attitude. (Because i have taken 3 days unplanned leave due to my mother’s death). July 2011:I was looking for job & they were asking experience, Very soon i was in depression. No job, No funds, No friends, No life. (Even I was…

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Think Very Well Before Lying To A Smart Woman.

smart woman

Not To Lie A Smart Woman. #6 Smart Man Marry Smart Woman  It is always said that you should marry a smart man or the one who could match the level of your smartness. Ha! Ha! But, if you marry someone who is more clever than you, trouble starts to brew from there. Today, I will tell you a short story about a couple that should serve a lesson to all men, “NEVER LIE TO A WOMAN”. And in case you do try to lie, she will find a way…

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