What Your Marriage Line Says About Your Marriage


1.CLOSE TO THE HEART LINE If you have two or more lines, choose the longest one. It’s a sign of early marriage, maybe around 20-something. 2.CLOSE TO THE BASE OF LITTLE FINGER It’s a sign of late marriage, but you will find a good partner eventually. Chances for marriage will come from 35 to 50 years old! Don’t give up just yet! 3.EXACTLY IN THE MIDDLE BETWEEN HEART LINE AND THE BASE OF RING FINGER. Not too early and not too late, probably around 30 years old. 4.SO MANY LINES…

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As you are taking a sneak peek on the lives of all of the Successful individuals who turned billionaires, you come to comprehend that whatever they achieved wasn’t simply depending on luck, however years of persistent laborious work and a work ethic that they adopted.Among the traits that all of them observe are mentioned beneath 1. THEY ARE PATIENT Success isn’t achieved in a single day. Even if in case you have a splendid conceptand a plan to perform it, you’ll nonetheless require an enormous period of time to make massive cash and ultimately find yourself turning into just like the Profitable individuals. In an interview, Warren Buffett mentioned, “ONE OF THE BIGGEST…

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You are not an ordinary person. And this is not an ordinary job opportunity.

job opportunity

I love creating things – From creating a successful coaching company right after college, to a few not so successful and un-successful companies in the last 10 years, and then to creating an innovative and impactful community sanitation organization, Samagra Empowerment Foundation. I still have many more things to create in this world. In the next 20 years, I want to create more impact than I ever have. I started Samagra with the MISSION to eradicate poverty by: “Unlocking Agency” for ALL Enhancing the “Quality of Life” for ALL Increasing “Transparency, Accountability & Efficiency” for ALL…

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When Will You Die? Google Answers


Google claims that a new deep learning model designed by it and its US San Francisco, Stanford Medicine, and The University of Chicago Medicine colleagues has predicted the ‘inpatient mortality’ with an accuracy of 95 percent. Machine learning, which was previously applied to actions like traffic predictions, translations and like has, in a recent attempt, been used for healthcare by a Google team. The clinical predictions by the computer system came out to be astonishingly accurate, as they predicted if the patient will stay long in the hospital with an…

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