8 Ways to get your boyfriend miss you insanely…

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Wanting to look good and be attractive is what every single woman likes. Many things in a relationship need to be considered so you would have that idol relationship that will work out throughout your life. If you are currently in a relationship, chances are that, on certain occasions, you may want to read the mind of your partner. They do not speak in a psychic way, but to know what they are really thinking about and if it is you or not is sometimes necessary. Most of the time we want to be deeply loved and respected by our loved ones…attractive

And because of that, we need to know that we have an important place in their hearts. The most reliable glimpse of someone’s consideration is the fact of missing the person when he is not there. In this way, we have compiled some appropriate ways to know if that special person really misses you when he is not with you. Of course, you miss someone when you have been with them for a long time but these are for the ones who have just begun their relationship. This could be the best data to find out where you are in your relationship. Follow these and let us know how it worked out…

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1. Turn off your phone as much as possiblephone

In this digital age, it is very normal for us to have our phones nearby at all times, which means that you usually send them a text message or call them at least once a day. In fact, sometimes you can actually send your significant other something when they are sitting right in front of you in situations where you do not want others to know. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with wanting to communicate, but it is true that there is a “healthy” level. Being in contact every two hours will not give them time to miss you, so give him the opportunity to realize how much he misses you when you go mute for a long time. Leave the phone and entertain yourself with something else! It will be better for you, much more productive for your time, and with luck, your boy will return surrendered before your feet.

2. Make him waitwait

In case it is your boyfriend who calls or sends text messages, try to mock him a bit. If you rush to answer the first ring or send a text immediately, it will not increase your value. Do not think that he would immediately give up if you do not respond right away; If someone does that in the first place, he will not be worth it to worry about. Therefore, practice patience a bit and force yourself to look away from your messages. Read it first to make sure it is not urgent, and answer it once you have finished what you were doing. It is better not to sit and wait for signs of life!

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3. Be the first to say goodbyegoodbye

When you’re chatting, make sure you’re the first to say goodbye. In case of going to an appointment, suggest returning home before he does. This practice is usually quite difficult since both of you want to spend as much time as possible together and are having a good time. Still, try to keep it this way so that he realizes that he does not want his time to end with you. If he feels something for you, he would definitely find a way to approach and contact you again. However, this is just a practice to make you realize that he might actually miss you. In the long term, do not hesitate to invite him or call him yourself if you wish.

4. Do not post everything on social networks

If you are always updating your status, tweeting, and Instagramming every time, he will be watching you all the time. In a way, it’s as if you had not left his side. As a result, he probably will not even miss you for a second. So, the perfect plan here is to stop uploading each image that you take; leave something so he can discover it on his own. If he is the only one that uploads images and puts captions, you do not have to go running to like or leave a comment. Even if you have to simulate it, do what you can to make it look like you’re too busy to use social media.

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5. Make use of sciencegirlfriend-photo-432506

The sense of smell is one of the most powerful ways to evoke certain feelings. It is especially useful for someone to remember certain memories. You can use this scientific fact to your own benefit by having a particular scent! In this way, he would always miss you when he smells your perfume, or something similar. Try using the same essence every time you go out with him, but make sure you do not use too much so it does not look cloying. You can be sure that, even if he does not smell it consciously, he will think of you even when you are not there.

6. Watch your availabilitygirlfriend-photo-432506

When we enter into a relationship, many of us, unfortunately, do not spend some time with our friends; Do not make the same mistake. Use one night of the weekend to meet with your relatives without your boyfriend being present, for a change. Dress elegantly, stay classy and enjoy a good renovation for a while. Even if your boy likes to have space at the beginning, he will soon begin to miss you, because he will know that you have other places to go besides being with him. This will make him appreciate you much more.

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7. Keep goinggirlfriend-photo-432506

This sounds somewhat dramatic, but in case you have recently broken up with your partner and you want him to miss you, you may want to appear with someone else. This new boy could be a friend or an acquaintance, but the person you want to attack is likely to get jealous when seeing you with another man. Of course, make sure that this is what you really want. You must also take into account the fact of not using the person who is accompanying you; Imagine that he feels something for you! You would not like them to do the same with you, right?!

8. Make him laughgirlfriend-photo-432506

Making him miss you is not really that difficult. You just have to be the kind of person who creates a vacuum when you are not together. If you make him laugh in a sincere way when he is with you, he would miss that pleasure when you are gone. So do not be afraid to give some compliments, tell small jokes, and in general, get your most charming facade. Show him your best side, instead of scolding or being jealous every time you see him. If you create a headache out of your encounters, he will feel great relief every time he is not with you.

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