A heart touching success Story of a MBA Student

A heart touching success Story of a MBA Student

During my MBA, my father got an accident. He was hospitalized for months. I could not arrange college fees.

I tried my best, but I was unable to arrange installment amount (around 2.5 lacs).Soon I could see my name on college notice board.

My friends told me if I could not deposit whole amount within a week, College administration will not allow me to sit in the exam.

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After two days, I was attending a management class. Lecturer told everyone that fees defaulter are not going to sit in exam.

She- Rahul. See you in my cabin.

(Soon I was in her cabin.)

She- I have seen your name at notice board. You have not deposited fees. What is the problem??

I told her the whole story with tear filled eyes.

She took a three-second pause.

“Don’t worry my son. I will deposit your fees. You should tell me earlier. Go home and study well. Best of luck for exam.”

Shocked, touched her feet & left the room.

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Later somehow I arranged whole amount.

But I could not forget her words.

She is in my LI connection list. I want to say to her- “Ma’am. You believed in me. You supported me. Whatever I am today is because of you.

Thank you so much.”


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