Celebrating 95 Years: An American Tradition


In 1923, President Calvin Coolidge walked from the White House to the Ellipse to light a 48-foot fir tree decorated with 2,500 electric bulbs in red, white and green, as a local choir and a “quartet” from the U.S. Marine Band performed. 93 years later, this American holiday tradition continues to bring citizens together to share in a message of hope and peace. The history of the Lighting of the National Christmas Tree is intertwined with the history of America. Through peace and war, from national celebration to national mourning,…

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Here’s Why We Celebrate Christmas on December 25

Christmas: It’s a beloved holiday for approximately 92 percent of all Americans. Each year, Christians (and even non-Christians) celebrate with Christmas trees, visits to Santa Claus, gifts, carols, and decorations. But what exactly are the true origins of Christmas? Of course, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25, but researchers don’t actually know his true birthday. As it turns out, there are several reasons why this exact date was chosen so long ago—more than 1,700 years ago to be exact.  In addition to celebrating the winter solstice a few days before…

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These Interesting facts will not behind anywhere to amazing facts in English.


These Interesting facts will not behind anywhere to amazing facts in English. 1.First time sugar was made in India. 2. The invention of copy and paste was made by Larry Tesler. 3. Hockey is not National game of India. 4. 72 billionaire lives in London which are excess from anywhere city. 5. Only 3% people pays Income Tax in India. 6. The Number of Indians register in Guinness book of world records in third position. 7. We meet from the person in one time whose face we see in dreams.…

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