Chapped lips in winter? These remedies will give you soft & pink lips

chapped lips

If you dream to have healthy & soft lips during winters, then I must say after reading this article your dream would definitely come true. If you tend to have cracked & dry lips, then this winter season will be a little different, as you are getting rid of these unhealthy lips from our lip care tips. Look, generally, the skin of your lips has a very thin surface due to which it has no oil glands to prevent it from chapping. Even the most expensive lipstick is not able…

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5 Makeup must haves in your purse


Some beauty products are as essential for a woman to leave with as her pants. The little pouch laced with those fresh-faced-look tools needs to only carry some essentials which are the five make-up must haves in your purse. Make-up essentials can be different for everyone depending on their needs, and situation. Like an office going girl could carry different make-up articles in her purse than her teenage niece. But there are some basics that no one wants to do without- some old standbys you can justifiably spend cash on.…

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Remove underarms Darkness in a week


There are four tips about Dark underarms but Follow any one tips only. Tip-1) Mix backing soda and water to create a paste and apply to your underarms. Gently scrub for a minute, then wash off with clean water and pad dry. Apply it at least twice in a day for a week. Tip-2) Cut a lemon into thick slices. Rub it on dark underarms for few minutes. Let them lemon juice stay on skin for ten minutes. Rinse it off with water thoroughly. Repeat it daily for ten days. Tip-3) Cut one…

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What Is Your Personality Color?


Many types of personality tests exist out there, but did you know that the colors you’re drawn to can say a lot about your personality? Colors make up everything around us, and influence our decisions as well as our overall outlook on life. For example, a person who likes the color yellow might have an optimistic, energetic disposition, while a person whose favorite color is purple might have a more mellow, reserved, gentle personality. Read below to find out which color reveals your dominant personality traits… WHAT IS YOUR PERSONALITY COLOR?…

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These methods remove pimples in one night


To fight against the pimple we use different types of products. We also goes to the doctor. The but the pimples problem remain as it is but the fact is that to remove the pimples.There natural and easy ways Available.the Surprising face is that from the natural ways you can remove pimples in one night let us knows about there facts. 1.Ice therapy  If the size of ice is available at your home. Then after having the pimple to apply medicine and remove it a sign of foolishness. Yes, the…

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Know how lady finger mask removes tanning in a pich?

Everybody wants that his skin becomes beautiful and shining and his hair should be strong. But this is not possible easily for this we are telling you about the mask and the moisturizer made from the lady finger. 1. LADY FINGER IS NUTRITIOUS  After remaining in the sun for lot of time our skin become damage, which effects our beauty. Due to the reason of sun our skin becomes black, pimple, dry skin, skin related attack and the problems related to the age will occur. To get rid from this…

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Be careful from such type of makeup.


To look beautiful the makeup of eye is essential for every girl. 1. MAKEUP OF EYE To eyes makeup is essential for every girl to make your eyes beautiful. In every type of makeup the eyes makeup plays important role how much types of eyes are. Then several types of eyes makeup are also available , Everyone has mouring to show his eyes perfect. Today we are telling you some tips which we have to be remember when using the makeup of eyes. 2. CHEAP MAKEUP PRODUCT  Some women purchase…

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If you want to get rid of white hair then includes these food in your diet.


If your hair is white then includes these eatable thing in your diet chart and get rid of the problem of white hair. 1. Diet which removes the whiteness of hair : Occurring of hair white before the time can gives you tension for this you do different types of experiment.But along this if you includes some things in your diet. Then before the time you can remove the problems of whiteness of hair. 2. Green Vegetables:large quantity of vitamin “B” found in Green vegetables. Which escape your hair from…

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