“Wi-Fi” Can Kill Everyone. How To Protect Yourself From Wi-Fi Radiation?

How to Protect Yourself from Wi-Fi Radiation?

Almost all household has Wi-Fi as it is really convenient for everybody. Nevertheless, this piece of technology can be detrimental to the overall health of a person, particularly to children. To be an eye opener, oddmenot.com has listed some negative effects of Wi-Fi not just for adults but also for the young ones. Damages childhood growth The non-thermal radio-frequency radiation from Wi-Fi can interrupt normal cellular growth, particularly fetal development. This radiation disturbs budding tissues, such as in children and youth. Subsequently, they would be more vulnerable than average to the designated…

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Why You Need To Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Every Morning, According to Science


We did some digging around and found some valid, science-backed benefits to apple cider vinegar that are worth sharing. In fact, research shows that vinegars contain antioxidants, which slow premature aging and reduce the risk of cancer, for example. – Dr. Oz Many people are quick to classify the medicinal benefits of vinegar as an “ancient folk remedy.” However, much medical research has been published that demonstrates the effectiveness of vinegar in alleviating many health conditions – including obesity, high blood pressure and others. The most popular type of vinegar is…

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Scientists Explain What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Green Tea Every Day


Tea has been cultivated for centuries, beginning in India and China. Today, tea is the most widely-consumed beverage in the world, second only to water. Hundreds of millions of people drink tea, and studies suggest that green tea (Camellia sinesis) in particular has many health benefits. – University of Maryland Medical Center When we think of tea, most of us may picture a refreshing drink to cool us off in the summer. However, we aren’t talking about sweet tea here (though, it is delicious!) We’re talking about the herbal variety in…

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Are you sitting comfortably: the myth of good posture

the myth of good posture

Do you slouch over your computer screen? Stand with your hips tilted forward and your stomach sitting out? Do people tell you to “sit up straight or you’ll get backache?” More than 2.5 million people in the UK have back pain each day – costing £22bn annually – so should we all be sitting up a little straighter? “If you ask most people how to prevent back pain they will say: ‘Sit up straight and mind my back,’ because our parents have instilled this in us,” says Kieran O’ Sullivan, senior lecturer…

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How to Flush Toxins From Your Body Through Your Feet

How to remove Toxins From Body

Did you know that every part of the human body is linked to the soles of your feet? According to Harvard Medical School, “The human body can defend itself very well against most environmental insults and the effects of occasional indulgence.” Still, there are uncounted numbers of websites, books and magazines devoted to the idea that we can, and should, detox the body. While there is no scientific evidence to support the claims made by the people who sell foot detox pads and ionic foot detox baths, there have also…

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Know about the Actual Causes of Kidney Damage


Kidney failure, also known as end-stage renal disease (ESRD), is the last stage of chronic kidney disease. A kidney failure means that your kidneys have stopped working making it difficult for you to survive without a kidney transplant or dialysis. When a chronic kidney disease reaches a severe stage, fluids, dangerous wastes and electrolytes can accumulate in the body. The treatment of chronic kidney disease is all about controlling the underlying cause. Chronic kidney disease can progress to kidney failure, which is fatal without a kidney transplant or artificial filtering. The actual…

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Scientists Explain 8 Things That Happen To Your Body When You’re Overstressed


“Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important.” – Natalie Goldberg Stress manifests when someone experiences excessive levels of emotional or mental pressure. This emotional or mental pressure creates distress – a harmful psychological state that can damage both mind and body. It is not hyperbole to say that stress can kill you. This fact and the near universal presence of stress in daily life does not bode well for individual and public health. Consider some of these alarming statistics: – 77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms…

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रात को होती है खांसी तो अपनाएं ये उपाय,रामबाण होंगे साबित

NEW DELHI: मौसम में बदलाव, खराब वारावरण और फिर हवा में नमी के कारण गला खराब, सर्दी, जुखाम और खांसी की समस्या हो जाती है। कई बार तो सारा दिन खांसी ठीक रहती है लेकिन रात को सोने के समय होते ही खांसी बढ़ जाती है। इससे नींद तो खराब होती ही है और पसलियों में दर्द होना भी शुरू हो जाता है। आप भी इस रात को होने वाली खांसी से परेशान हैं तो इन बातों का ध्यान रखें 1. गरारे करें रात को बिस्तर पर जाने से पहले…

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5 Alarming Signs Of Cancer Men Shouldn’t Ignore

Routine screening tests for cancer is the best way to find cancer early. Many people ignore cancer symptoms or do not have an idea how serious their condition is until it is too late. However, the symptoms of cancer are too vague and generally occur in routine life that anyone would hardly attribute cancer as the possible cause. Many a times cancer in men goes unnoticed as its symptoms are treated as minor health symptoms. Noticing the signs of cancer can help detect cancer early and this in turn can…

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When You Drink Water On An Empty Stomach After Waking Up, These 8 Amazing Things Will Happen

8 Amazing Things

Drinking water on an empty stomach after waking up could help you get rid of a number of ailments. For instance: headache, body aches, heart system, accelerated heartbeat, epilepsy, blood fat, bronchitis, asthma, TB, meningitis, kidney disease and urinary tract, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, diseases of the uterus, menstrual disorders, diseases of the ear, nose and throat. A lot of people across the world are drinking water after they wake up and many have proved the advantage of this technique. Methods of treatment: As soon…

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