Chapped lips in winter? These remedies will give you soft & pink lips

chapped lips

If you dream to have healthy & soft lips during winters, then I must say after reading this article your dream would definitely come true. If you tend to have cracked & dry lips, then this winter season will be a little different, as you are getting rid of these unhealthy lips from our lip care tips.

Look, generally, the skin of your lips has a very thin surface due to which it has no oil glands to prevent it from chapping. Even the most expensive lipstick is not able to cure your lips.

So it becomes necessary to maintain & protect the moisture of your lip.

 To get rid of these chapped lips apply these few tips.

Coconut oil for your lips

Take a few drops of coconut oil mix it with a few drops of tea tree oil, after mixing it well apply it over your lips as this will moisturize the skin of your lips. It also helps in preventing infections especially when your lips are crack. You can also use carrier oil, olive oils & castor oil as they are a better substitute for coconut oil when it comes to your skin.

Honey & Vaseline

Raw honey, as well as Vaseline, is very helpful in maintaining the layer of your lips. Apply any one of them on your lips & leave it for 10 minutes. Wipe it off after a period of 10 minutes with the help of a tissue. Both has its own characteristics, honey has an antibacterial element which is one of a natural element & nourishes your lips perfectly, whereas Vaseline makes your lips soft & gentle.

Rose Petals

Take few rose petals soak it in a 1/4cup of raw milk for a period of 2-3hours. Blend the mixture gently & apply the paste on your lip & keep it for 20minutes. After the completion of the time rinse it off with cold water. It is one of the best methods to remove the dead skin as both the substance has skin nourishing element.

Maintain healthy diet & drink sufficient water

Dehydration is the most common reason for dead skin. Add some vitamin element in your food supplements by eating tofu, apricots, skimmed milk, nuts, carrot etc. Try to drink water as much as you can as liquids protect your skin from inside. Stop eating hot & spicy food as these are harmful for your skin & can make your lips dry forever.

Quit smoking

Smoking is dangerous for both, your health & lip. It attaches harmful black stain to your lips & teeth. Smoking can also lead your lip skin to cancer, so stay away from it.


Gently rub a slice of cucumber on your lips for a minute & leave its juice over your lip for 10 minutes & then wash it off. Apply it once or twice a day to have wonderful & soft lips, as it has an excellent hydrating content which removes the dryness of your lip.

Aloe Vera gel

Aloe leaf has a jelly protein which is a natural ingredient for dead skin. So, apply the aloe vera gel on your lips & leave it for overnight & in the morning wash it off. Apply it regularly before going to your bed.

Green Tea

take a green tea bag with a cup of water. Dip the bag into the water & then place the tea bag on your lips, leave it for few minutes & repeat this procedure on a daily basis. Green tea heals your skin as it contains antioxidants which remove the skin tanning.

Cocoa Butter

Take a piece of cocoa butter or ghee & apply a small amount of it on your lips. Use this twice a day as it has mild astringent which nourish your lips

Lemon juice

Take a tablespoon of lemon juice & mix it well with a spoon of honey. Apply this mixture for about 10 minutes & rinse it with water. Lemon juice contains a natural bleach & exfoliant which remove the harmful effect of free radicals.

So, these were few tips which can protect your lips in this sizzling winter. Do write your valuable comment & reviews.

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