He Started A Job On His Birthday With The Worst Boss Training Him. She Was So Mean, But Some Strangers Turned Everything Around With This.


He started A Job on His Birthday with The Worst Boss Training Him. She was So Mean, But Some Strangers Turned Everything Around with This.

I was working this morning my 20 year old birthday. I’m an adult now and can handle that, but was training at a new job. I can handle stress at the new job, but my trainer couldn’t. She FLIPPED whenever made any mistake. For example, l reached over because I needed cup (l work at a coffee shop) and she said, “Um, say excuse me. You’re being rude. And that was just me reaching past. I’ll admit l made mistakes, but I’m training. She got mad that l didn’t know certain things and blamed me for a ton of crap. So I’m trying not to just break down and keep my cool. Finally my shift ends. I figure it’s my birthday, so I get a peppermint mocha with 4 shots of espresso because SCREW  IT  IT’S MY BIRTHDAY.

I go to the car and 20 year old me starts balling my eyes out like a kid. After about 10 minutes l decide to go to a nearby doughnut shop because I didn’t want my birthday to be a total wreck. It’s pretty empty except for two other people. As l’m ordering the two strangers give me their coupon for two free donuts and a coffee! I was really touched and thanked them profusely, letting them know it was really nice especially because it’s my birthday. I didn’t know until I got back to the car that my face was still showing how bad l felt. I was sitting in the car and trying to gather myself before l started the drive home.

Enter strangers again.

They come out and gave me a gift card to the place saying, “I could tell you looked like you were having a bad day and wanted you to have a good birthday.”

On the way home things seemed alright. Dear strangers, thank you for saving the day with such an act of kindness.

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