Know the Difference between Ego and Self-Respect

Ego and Self Respected

There is a thin line between ego and self-respect and you should understand the meaning very well to get success in life. When the ego is satisfied then you will feel happy but if it doesn’t then it hurts and you will feel the pain inside. Whereas self-respect is in spite of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, it inspires you to do karma. So one leads to failure and other encourages achieving success in life. Thus learn the difference between Ego and self-respect.

In the one of the famous religious book, Bhagwat Geeta, Krishna inspires Arjun to fight for self-respect to break the Ego of the Duryodhan.

Ego leads to manipulations, lies, playing mind games and self-respect propels one to work even harder and reach new heights in life. It is important to know the difference between Ego and self-respect.

First of all, let’s understand the meaning of both in detail.

What is Ego?

It is the attitude of thinking oneself superior to others. When people have Ego, they don’t try to understand the perspective of others. It is a destructive personality and often leads to failures in life. People indulge in arguments and keep their decision on the top priority.

What is Self Respect?

When you think your self-confidence and pride is going on the weaker side then you should fight for it and explain the cause to the people affecting it. It is constructive personality and encourages you to move ahead in life. The best example is you will not feel bad if a four-year child says you something but if a colleague at your work place says you something then you take it to on your ego. In the first case, you will not feel less confident but in the latter case, you will feel insecure and less confident. You should try to build your confidence level and ego will disappear automatically.

Difference between Ego and Self-Respect

Ego persists and it is unhealthy attachment whereas when the self-respect is compromised then it encourages you to move on. For instance, if you have altercations with a friend then the egoist person will be satisfied by winning over other person but one having self-respect teaches him to move ahead in life. Ego can come and go but self-respect sustains.

There are often clashes between couples, friends, and families over ego and self-respect. Ego leads to pain and unhealthy mind but self-respect makes us happy and stable.

Managing Ego

The best way to close the argument is to keep your point of views in front of others. At the same time, accepts their point of views as well if they are right or otherwise justify the reason. It is important to break the unhealthy attachment and the ego. Respect your opinions but up to that extent avoid becoming defensive.

I hope you now aware of the difference between ego and self-respect. Manage your ego well and you will start getting success in relationships or at work.

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