The butterfly of each month reveals your future

Most insects provoke a certain rejection, scorn or even panic. The same cannot always be said for butterflies. These are considered as an example of freedom, peace, and spirituality, as well as ecology and nature. That is why we have associated each of these copies with a specific month and we leave its meaning in relation to your month of birth. Do not hesitate to contact also your acquaintances.

1. January

January is a very special case in this list because its positivism acts as a flag that guides and at the same time illuminates its vital path. All those around him always value his energy and admire him for it, being his huge heart and great friendship what makes him become a lovely person. Thanks to this they always end up becoming someones very much in demand, raising passions for the places they go through and marking a signal that is very difficult to erase in their hearts. Only knowing the month of birth you can know the future of your loved ones.

2. February

People born in February usually have a marked feature of security in themselves. This makes them raise all kinds of animosities in the people around them, being almost impossible to leave anyone indifferent. However, those who dare to cross your barrier come to understand that you are a very great person, with great humanitarian skills and a strong sense of friendship. Unfortunately, people will not stop believing you, being very common to suspect and analyze you at all times.February

3. March

The March butterfly reveals that they are incredible sources of energy, someone inexhaustible when it is proposed and impossible to stop in their efforts to achieve their own goals. The intensity with which they live their day to day makes many see them as an example to follow, thanks to which they usually end up occupying leadership positions. Sometimes they should relax their code of conduct because their inflexibility could generate some enmities. Every month manifests a hidden trait.March

4. April

The trait that governs this month is their incredible sensitivity, both artistic and emotional. Thanks to this, they often strive to achieve enormous stability in their environment, advocating resolving all conflicts and disputes in the most peaceful way possible. That is why everyone ends up getting close to the warmth of their spirituality and their know-how. The only problem they face is that they are not very self-confident, so they may never come to believe what we say to them: They are worth more than they think.April

5. May

Those born in May are usually always people with a marked overwhelming character, entering the social groups in an explosive way and leading them almost always. They also tend to be a reference for all their relatives and acquaintances, reaching their hearts through a commitment of help and friendship. They should only try to control their festive spirit because they end up sacrificing too much time for leisure and sometimes they become too inconsistent. Knowing your advantages and disadvantages can make you grow as a person.May

6. June

Those born under the June butterfly often have a spiritually complete inner background. The mixture of a good person and quiet makes them an example of inner peace that ends up being enormously contagious. For that reason they are usually sought after as work and life companions, causing their spirits to do mortar with anyone who decides and is lucky enough to find a free one. June

7. July

In contrast to the previous ones, the July born people are usually manifested as people who love adventure, who never hesitate to serve those around them and be tremendously respectful and sincere. Unfortunately, this also ends up taking their toll, because the world is not always prepared to fit a truth as direct as one that is usually carried out by one of those born under this butterfly. The advice we give them, to those who are not, is that they enjoy him or her with all their heart because they do not know if it will last forever.July

8. August

These are butterflies with a marked sincere spirit, respectful and who know how to value the virtues of each person with whom they live. They are therefore very much loved and admired because they generate an aura that rarely turns into enmity, although the fact that it costs you to recognize an error can make this situation repeat itself more than you would like. Some even get to admire so much that they end up generating a complicated narcissism to deal with.August

9. September

Those born in September have also come to the world blessed by a very complacent nature, with a strong protective character that pushes them to understand the world from their own perspective. Day after day they try to advance in their career to increase their own knowledge, making them unable to stay too long in the same place. However, your huge heart will always manage to leave, in the people with whom you share your time, an imprint difficult to forget.September

10. October

The butterflies of October are very determined and launched, managing to transmit an energy that makes them almost unstoppable. Although when they propose something they usually invest all their effort, sometimes they do it too uncompensated. This usually makes them earn the nickname of explosives and bad-tempered, especially when they fail to achieve their own goals. However, their passion always helps them to move forward, rise from their own ashes and continue as usual.October

11. November

The butterflies of November are usually the most intellectual and imaginative ones. Normally they achieve this through a curious spirit and a very balanced nature added to the fact that they are lovers of the truth and passionate about learning. Our best advice is that you never let criticism turn off your creative spirit, for you will be able to show a point of view that almost no one will be able to match. Keep it up and you’ll see how your company ends up raffling in the end.November

12. December

One of the most complete and, at the same time, complex personalities is that of the butterflies of December. They are of a kind nature, with a very emotional spirit and with a great capacity to accept your own mistakes and learn from them. Thanks especially to this last, you usually end up becoming a very loved by your colleagues, being your sincerity and honesty one of the most rising values, especially due to the scarcity that exists in the world.December

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